Global Habitat Housing S.L.

About us

Global Habitat is a consultancy company that operates worldwide and is specialised in developing, maintaining and improving international relations in the area of housing. In their customer group they serve organisations such as: not for profit housing associations, for profit housing companies (real estate funds, project developers etc.), governments (housing departments on international, national and local level). Global Habitat is, thanks to its global relation network, able to respond quickly and adequately to the wishes of her clients. They supply tailor made solutions and have access to contacts at the highest management levels. Although the focus has mainly been on Europe there have also been assignments in Northern and Latin America.

CornÚ Koppelaar was educated at the University of Amsterdam as an economist. After a long and successful career as financial manager for housing associations in Amsterdam he started an international consultancy company in the housing sector (2005). During the past years there have been a number of topics related to housing that had the broad interest of all stakeholders in housing. Global Habitat collected data, shared best practice and gave advice on the following topics: comparative studies, benchmarking, sustainability, funding, ageing society, quality control, diversification and communication.

CornÚ Koppelaar