Sharing best practice / knowledge exchange

Often we are asked to find solutions for certain matters. We know that different organisations have found solutions for themselves that might be applicable for other clients. There is a need to compare solutions in order to use best practice without having to reinvent the wheel. This is both valid for very specific issues as for comparisons of entire organisations.

Frequently customers are interested in the organisation set-up, governance, or specific experiences of foreign organisations. We are operating on every level of knowledge exchange. We guide transnational groups that meet several times a year to exchange information on issues previously identified as being of common interest. After exchanging information there is time to discuss and find “best practice”.

We are also available to answer special housing questions. When there is need for a broad international discussion about specific matters we can organise a seminar or a forum. On request we can arrange meetings for specialists. We like to work with small groups because our experience is that small groups tend to explore topics more in depth. We have also noticed that in that setting the contact between participants is more intense and interactive.