With the support of Global Habitat six European organisations managed to get a European Grant. This grant will be used to proof that investments in Energy Efficiency in residential housing leads to a

REValue aims to lead the development of appraisal norms and standards that REcognise Energy Efficiency Value in social and private residential real estate. Currently, benefits of energy efficiency (EE) measures are not recognised in building appraisals and this is a barrier to investments in EE projects. Such norms could contribute to approximately 47% of investment in EE measures being included in a property’s value. For a typical renovation project, which is financed by asset-backed loans, this equates to approximately €17k of additional financing, (€19.7Bn annually at the EU-level). This could significantly increase investor confidence, potentially accelerating investments. The RE3Value project is a flagship initiative by an industry driven consortium of standards setting agencies, property valuation professionals, and academic experts in real estate economics. In the context of RE3Value, EE relates to building renovation and construction activities that reduce base energy demand (i.e. wall/roof/insulation) or supply energy demands more efficiently (i.e. technology: heat pump, solar thermal, photovoltaic, Combined Heat Power).